Considerations of Financial Interest Management

When the CIRC reviews a financial interest in relation to a research proposal, it considers these factors and such interests could bias the research:

  • the nature of the research
  • the potential impact of the interest
  • the degree to which the conflict is related to the research
  • recommend steps designed to manage, limit or eliminate the impact of the interest on the research

Management Plans

After considering the financial interest, the research project, and all related materials, the CIRC first determines if the interest is manageable. If the interest is manageable, the Committee recommends a management plan that will include specific action items to be carried out by the investigator with the financial conflict of interest.

Typical management plans include disclosure actions -- to journal publishers, organizers and audiences of presentations, human subjects, other study team members, students/trainees, and the sponsor of the research, if required. It may include the appointment of a non-subordinate, non-conflicted data monitor. Please see COI Scenarios for examples.