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Thank you for visiting the University of Iowa's Conflict of Interest in Research site. Chances are that if you are here, it is because you have some questions about what a conflict of interest in research is, how it may effect your research, and what the next steps might be.

As described in the University Operations Manual, University policy and regulations places the responsibility for deciding whether a financial conflict of interest in research exists on the institution rather than the investigator. The primary responsibility of researchers is to disclose all financial interests in the eCOI Disclosure System. The Conflict of Interest in Research Office will review disclosures in the context of research conducted at the University.

The policy applies to all individuals involved in research at the University, regardless of job title, who contribute significantly to the planning, performance, and reporting of research, and who are granted considerable freedom in using independent judgment.

Here you will find more information

  • for researchers about how to disclose financial interests and how these interests might impact research
  • what to consider if you are contemplating starting a business to commercialize an invention or other intellectual property
  • what to expect when a financial conflict of interest has been identified in research you are conducting at the University

Questions regarding the UI policy or the federal regulation should be directed to Martha Hedberg, 319-384-4256, or Christopher Taylor, 319-467-1012.