With ongoing concerns over international research engagements, transparency is vital to protect the integrity of the research enterprise.  Understanding what needs to be disclosed to the university, however, can seem perplexing, inconvenient and burdensome.  The following guidance is intended to clarify your obligation to disclose outside interests to the University.

Keep these two rules in mind when considering what to disclose:

  1. The external activity or interest must be related to your university responsibilities* or discipline.
  2. It also applies to your spouse and dependent children.

Below is a list of activities and interests you should disclose to the University. If you have questions after reviewing the list, please contact our office. While the list is extensive, it is not exhaustive.

External personal compensation
  • Any payments for consulting, advisory boards, employment, etc. 
  • Licensing or royalty income from intellectual property 
  • Publishing royalties 
  • Talent programs 
  • Payments for teaching, lecturing, etc. at other institutions 
  • Foreign and domestic entities
Publicly traded stocks (NASDAQ, NYSE, Pink Sheets, etc.) 
  • Stocks in which you directly control the purchases and sales 
    • Not TIAA CREF, IPERS, or mutual funds 
  • Stock Options 
  • Dividends 
Privately held equity (ownership) 
  • Ownership in a startup company 
  • Personal consulting business, etc. 
  • Stocks or percent of ownership 
  • Stock options 
  • Includes foreign and domestic startup companies 
Other External Commitments (even if they are unpaid
  • External employment/side gig/second job/moonlighting 
    • Includes teaching positions, visiting professorships, etc. at other institutions 
    • Foreign and domestic 
  • Service on boards of directors, panels, advisory boards, etc. 
  • Speaking engagements 
  • Consulting 
  • Education presenter/recipient 
  • Teaching, lecturing, etc. at other institutions 
    • Even if you don’t get paid 
    • Foreign and domestic 
Family member compensation (spouse and dependent children) 
Sponsored Travel for PHS researchers 


COIR Guidance on International Engagement

Additional information regarding disclosure expectations (Other Support) of sponsors and international engagements can be found on the Division of Sponsored Programs' site.


*For Institutional Officials any external activity or interest, regardless of relatedness to UI responsibilities, must be disclosed.