The University of Iowa

Conflict of Interest in Research Committee (CIRC)

When an investigator involved in research has a financial interest, the interest must be evaluated to prevent violation of state or federal law and/or basic principles of ethics and fairness. Appointed by the Vice President for Research, the University of Iowa CIRC includes faculty representing a broad range of research disciplines. In addition to its regular membership, the CIRC includes a number of non-voting advisory members from various administrative offices.


Delwyn Miller (Chair) - Psychiatry, Carver College of Medicine
Ned Bowden (Vice Chair) - Chemistry, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Donald Anderson - Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, Carver College of Medicine
Christopher Coffey - Biostatistics, College of Public Health
Erik Lie - Finance, Tippie College of Business
Wen Liu - Nursing, College of Nursing
Kathy Schuh - Psychological & Quantitative Foundations, College of Education
Steven Varga - Graduate College
Xiaodong Wu - Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering


CIRC meets the third Wednesday of every month, alternating East Side and West Side campus locations. Meetings are closed to the public and documentation/records considered or created by the CIRC are treated as confidential personnel records.

No CIRC member may participate in the review of a disclosed financial interest if he/she has an interest or other relationship that may affect the objectivity of review, except to provide information requested by the Committee.

Management Plans

It is the CIRC's responsibility to determine if the financial interest can be managed satisfactorily. If the Committee agrees that the financial interest can be managed, it will develop a plan which is then recommended to the Vice President for Research and Economic Development. The Vice President for Research will approve the management plan, and return the documents to the COIR Office.

The plan documents will be sent to the investigator for signature. The Division of Sponsored Programs will not release funding until the COIR Office confirms it has received the signed plan from the investigator, signaling his/her agreement to comply. If human subjects are involved, the IRB will not review the project until the management plan has been received by the COIR Office from the investigator.

Copies of the management plans will be provided to the investigator's immediate supervisor, the PI of the study, and the Human Subjects Office (if applicable).