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Guidance on International Engagement

The University of Iowa community is committed to the principle of free, open, and objective inquiry in the conduct of its teaching, research, and service missions. Further, the University of Iowa encourages its employees to engage in external activities that promote the University's mission, contribute to their professional fields, enhance their professional skills, and enhance the public good. However, the University also expects its employees to fulfill their University obligations first and foremost commensurate with their appointment requirements. To ensure that external activities are conducted in a manner consistent with institutional and public values, policies have been enacted that convey expectations and procedures to ensure that University employees avoid improper conflicts whenever possible, or otherwise disclose activities for review and management.

Recently, the U.S. government began a multifaceted effort to raise compliance standards related to foreign influence on research, intellectual property, and associated technology implementation.

The UI Office of the Vice President for Research wants to emphasize to colleagues at all levels that full and timely disclosure regarding research support and conflicts of interest is essential to the transparency the government requires and the University of Iowa expects. Currently the University requires all researchers to disclose activities with foreign governments and institutions of higher education, such as presenting or teaching. These disclosures should also include any form of payments, stipends, honoraria, and remunerations.

The Conflict of Interest in Research Office has created this web page to help UI faculty and staff stay current with evolving federal guidelines. The page will be updated as new information, guidelines, and resources become available.

UI values its international collaborators and inter-institutional affiliations. Preservation of important international relationships will be facilitated by our careful attention to federal requirements of transparency in research and related activity.


Message from Interim VPR John Keller

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