The University of Iowa

eCOI 2021

All UI faculty and staff identified as Key Personnel that conduct human subjects research are required to complete an “Annual Disclosure of Outside Professional Activities and Interests” via the eCOI online disclosure portal by April 30, 2021.  The Annual Disclosure fulfills the reporting requirements of the following UI policies:

Employees may monitor compliance with this annual disclosure requirement via the UI Compliance and Qualifications system accessible through UI Self-Service “My Compliances” tab.  Employees who have not completed the requirement will receive reminder emails on April 1,April 25,and April 30.  Supervisors and Compliance Administrators will be copied on the final two notifications.

New for 2021

Conflict of Interest in Employment

New this year is a question on the Annual Certification page asking whether the individual has an outside personal relationship with someone over whom they exercise supervisory authority. This addition will assist with identifying possible Conflict of Interest in Employment (Nepotism) cases that may require a management plan.

International Engagement

Also new this year are questions asking about international engagement. This addition will assist with identifying possible risk to research integrity and security which may require conflict of interest management or adherence to other federal regulations. 

Thank you for your contributions to ensuring that UI academic, health care, business, research, and teaching endeavors may be free of potential or actual conflicts of interest.

For questions related to specific policies, please contact: