Expedited Review Process

Some financial interests related to research projects are eligible for expedited review, which means that they can be reviewed outside of the Conflict of Interest in Research Committee (CIRC).  Expedited review can decrease the processing time by eliminating the interval between the determination of a related financial interest and the next regular monthly CIRC meeting.

Financial interests that meet all of the following criteria can undergo expedited review:

  1. prior CIRC management related to the investigator’s same financial interest for a different project, and
  2. the new project is similar in nature to the previous project, and
  3. the new project does not involve the evaluation of an investigational product in human subjects.

If all of these criteria are met, the Conflict of Interest in Research Office, at its discretion, may either:

  • in consultation with the CIRC Chairs, prepare a proposed management plan incorporating the elements of the prior plan (to be forwarded to the Conflict of Interest in Research Officer and then to the Vice President for Research and Economic Development) or;
  • elect to refer the financial interest review to the CIRC.